Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder

After her magical abilities showed in Ixia Yelena is threatened to leave Ixia and her Love behind, to get to her safe home country.

Although she lived in Sitia for six years before she was captured, she has no memories of the country, her life and her family. When she meets her family for the first time, everything is overwhelming her. Her parents are delighted that she is home, while her brother shows no joy about her return.

When Yelena makes her way to the Magician's Keep to start her apprenticeship, she is captured by exil-Ixians that suspect her of being an Ixian Spy. But she can dismiss these accusations.

While she is discovering her magical powers an evil magician capturers young girls and kills them. Yelena finds herself longing for discovering this magician and save the girls and maybe Sitia as well.

The second book about Yelena Zaltana brings us to the land of her birth Sitia. It picks up where the first one ended and we are experiencing how Yelena travels to finally meet her family.

The first encounter with her family seems a bit odd. While Yelena is expecting nothing much of the people that are her family, she discovers a surprise. Her mother is a very loving person, who simply takes her back into her arms as if nothing ever happened. From this first moment Yelena finds her self surrounded by a loving and caring family with one exception. Her brother Leif is a bit weired. He is disgusted by her, because he can see, with his magical abilities, that she has killed.

I have to say, that I really disliked Leif and still do. He can't jump over his shadow and just be glad that his sister returned like everyone else. He is a very complicated character and thinks very highly of himself.

Apart from the whole family issues, the book is fulfilling everything the first one promised. It is very exciting again and hard to put down. After I enjoyed the first one that much and with kind of a sad ending, I wasn't too sure about this book. But I was proved wrong, like so many times in the last month. Although the whole book takes place in Sitia we don't have to do without all the characters we loved in the first book.

The book is a very good sequel. Although it's not as strong as the first one the end offers a very good start for the third book. But anyway if you loved the first one you have to read this one as well since it's just great.








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